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Energy efficiency is a complex area but we have broken it down into a simple guide with an interface that anyone can use. Eco Easy® Home removes the mystery, allowing you to make simple decisions using the built-in ratings.


Look for Solar Gain – find homes facing north

Search for homes and land for sale or homes to rent with good potential for solar gain – facing north. Save time by selecting homes with ideal orientation and more potential for natural heating. Real estate listings from and

Find Homes Facing North

House Orientation

Which way the house faces will determine how much potential you have to use the sun for “solar gain” or natural heating. We’ve made it easy to find the home’s orientation from true north, as well as the sun’s path from mid-winter to mid-summer.

Property Aspect

Inspect & Rate

Rate the house as you walk through it during open home inspections. No need to make notes. Just tap away while you’re house hunting, then review and compare homes later. Simple user interface makes it easy to ask real estate agents relevant questions. From the real estate listings, select and add to 'my homes', then rate.

Inspect & Tap

Sort & Order

There's more than one reason you buy a home, right? This new feature allows you to sort your priorities in order of whats important to you. The sort & order feature includes options you won't find elsewhere; EER ratings for ACT properties, Orientation - property facing x degrees away from True North and Distance from key locations you set such as work or kids school.

Sort & Order

Take Photos With Compass Reading

Photos are helpful reminders of the homes you’re looking at and the key things you want to remember about them. While inspecting and scoring a home, you can take photos and save them under that particular home, making them easy to locate. Now with the added compass reading you can see which way each room faces. We have also expanded this feature into it's own app ."Solocator - Photos With Direction"

Store Your Photos

Simple Rating System

Numbers and colour codes indicate clearly how well the house is performing. Also highlights the weaknesses, so you know where to improve.

Find out about the history Simple Rating System

Easy Questions & Answers

Questions and answers in everyday language. The answers also show you how to improve your eco score in different areas. The scoring system is easy: Zero means it makes little or no difference. Negative number means it takes away from the home's energy and eco efficiency. Positive number means you’re adding to the home’s energy and eco efficiency.

Easy Questions & Answers

Info Screens

Want to know more about energy efficient features? We have simple diagrams that tell the story.

Info Screen

Easy Tools

Working out the amount of glazing (glass windows and doors) of each side of your house is easily done with the glazing calculator, and no need for a tape measure. Tap and drag to add in windows.

Glazing Calculator

Compare Homes

Rate and compare multiple homes. Save homes in Favourites and compare their total and detail scores in list and map view.

Compare Homes

Winter Or Summer House

Under Passive Solar Design section scores in each question are split into winter and summer making it easy to see which season you benefit in. Also find out if the house overall performs better in summer or winter in 'My Homes'.

Winter And Summer Scores

Eco Easy Home Score Report

The knowledge gained while rating a home will give you a greater understanding of how your home performs. One day you may look at selling your home, then you can easily generate a report to show your agent what strengths your house has to offer.

Eco Easy Home Score Report

Climate Zone

Eco Easy Home includes three simple climatic zones, cool, temperate and warm based on latitudes.

Climate Zones

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